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7SFormula is an Instructional Guide for Successful Steps for 7Search


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You may try different content marketing plans and advertising techniques without achieving some impressive results. The technical aspect of software programs can alienate several users. Rob Barbour is offering 7SFormula, which is designed to help the users of 7Search. The content for 7SFormula is presented in more than two hours of videos and in supplemental PDFs. Barbour has compiled step-by-step information to help a person who may be confused about the constructive ways to use 7Search.

Basic Information

The instructions for a new technique are very important because you could get lost in the process if you only had raw materials and hand tools for a construction project. The information in 7SFormula includes the steps for developing and monitoring a marketing campaign such as information about keywords, ads, optimization, traffic and conversions. You can use the steps to help you to optimize your results from 7Search.

Supplemental Information

Many users are blocked from successfully using a product or service when a new update interferes with the accuracy of the information. The users who buy 7SFormula will also have access to updates and future webinars. You will have graphics that you can use for your marketing campaigns. There is also information about bids, lead generation and match types. The secrets to making 7Search work for you can be used to help you to get better results.

Darren Tunstall
Darren Tunstall has a business degree with an emphasis in Marketing. He is a Content Marketing consultant, where he creates content marketing plans to help individuals, businesses, internal marketing departments and marketing agencies (and their clients) get found online. In most cases, Darren acts as a business productivity coach, helping clients implement marketing plans to achieve online success. Tunstall is a master at search engine optimization (SEO) and is the author of the #1 Bestseller, SOLD! A Proven Social Media Strategy for Generating Real Estate Leads. Mr. Tunstall is a founding partner of
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