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Who Has Time To Use A Content Marketing Plan for Blogging and Social Media

Who Has Time For Social Media and Using A Content Marketing Plan

How many different tasks do you need to perform every day for your business? Business ownership is a full-time occupation and can be difficult. That is why many business owners are hiring professionals to create a vibrant content marketing plan.

You have a core competency. You might be very good at manufacturing a product or providing a service. Unfortunately, social media marketing can be difficult to accomplish, if you don't have the expertise.

You might outsource plenty of business functions: accounting, IT and legal. By hiring a professional, such as myself to create a content plan for social media, you can focus on your core competency. You can get your brand noticed while completing your other important tasks.

I, Darren Tunstall, with the Marketing Media Planner Blog, can provide you with rich blogging content that keeps your website relevant. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing ensures that you are listed highly on the search pages. With a high Google Page Rank, you get noticed.

I know what the search engines look for and the norms for social media – Twitter and Facebook. You tell me what you want and I can write the content to attract website visitors.

A successful content marketing plan gives you superior blogging content. This can appeal to present and potential customers. Hire me, the Marketing Media Planner, Darren Tunstall, to provide you with an agile, robust and successful online marketing plan.

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Making Your Content Marketing Plan A HUGE Success For The New Year

Making Your Content Marketing Plan A HUGE Success For The New Year

The New Year brings many opportunities for you to expand your business, if you follow a strategic content marketing plan. Marketing professionals understand that creativity can be optimized with valuable input from many sources. This ensures that your online content remains fresh.

Fresh Content

In order to earn the highest Google Page Rank, you need to have timely, relevant content. This will ensure that your brand is noticed. The most effective blogging allows you to collaborate and share with people online.

You are probably quite busy, building your brand. By hiring me, you can concentrate on your core competency. I provide a different creative vantage point.

Social Media is King

People love Social Media. It allows them to feel respected, cherished and valued. I can help you reach out to people on social media. The best social media content marketing plan allows you to collaborate, following accepted norms. I help you create valuable content for most social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Start the New Year off right. Hire The Marketing Media Planner to provide you with a pro-active, fresh and successful content marketing plan to get your business noticed.

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Why You Should Get 1 Year of Unlimited Downloads of Stock Images for $99

Unlimited Downloads of Stock Images

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to spruce up your official company website with plenty of free stock images. Your blog posts, articles, and press releases will carry more weight when you are able to accompany them with unlimited stock images. A picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know you can buy unlimited downloads of stock images for a price that will barely register on your operating budget? Now is the time for you to punctuate every post with an image that will guarantee viewer attention.

An Effective Social Media Post Is One That Includes Exciting Images

People don't just notice big blocks of text and decide to click on them to investigate further. Nine times of ten, it's a graphic stock image that draws their eye and makes them want to learn more about what is being presented. As a website owner, you can now have access to unlimited stock images that will guarantee an excellent first impression on all of your forthcoming blog posts and press releases. These handy graphic stock images will give your social media presence a whole new air of purpose and authority. It's a great way to ensure that your most recent post will stand out in your subscriber's news feed.

You Can Gain Access to Over 300,000 Photos

The archive features over 300,000 photos, vectors, and miscellaneous illustrations for you to choose from. There is guaranteed to be a suitable image for practically every kind of post you care to make, whether on your official company site, blog page, or social media account.

All photos are public domain, meaning that they are copyright and royalty free. You can use any or all of them in any way you see fit.

Take Advantage of This Amazing New Offer

Spice up your articles and get access to a library of unlimited stock images. Feel free to learn more about what you can do to highlight your content and heighten your visibility. Visit in order to purchase the $99 deal for unlimited downloads of all the photos your site will ever need.

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7SFormula is an Instructional Guide for Successful Steps for 7Search

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You may try different content marketing plans and advertising techniques without achieving some impressive results. The technical aspect of software programs can alienate several users. Rob Barbour is offering 7SFormula, which is designed to help the users of 7Search. The content for 7SFormula is presented in more than two hours of videos and in supplemental PDFs. Barbour has compiled step-by-step information to help a person who may be confused about the constructive ways to use 7Search.

Basic Information

The instructions for a new technique are very important because you could get lost in the process if you only had raw materials and hand tools for a construction project. The information in 7SFormula includes the steps for developing and monitoring a marketing campaign such as information about keywords, ads, optimization, traffic and conversions. You can use the steps to help you to optimize your results from 7Search.

Supplemental Information

Many users are blocked from successfully using a product or service when a new update interferes with the accuracy of the information. The users who buy 7SFormula will also have access to updates and future webinars. You will have graphics that you can use for your marketing campaigns. There is also information about bids, lead generation and match types. The secrets to making 7Search work for you can be used to help you to get better results.

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FBInfluence Can Dispel Your Fear of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing on Facebook With The Marketing Media Planner Blog By Darren Tunstall

Time and again, we have head business owners say that they have a Facebook site, but they don't use it. Why? One of the most common objections is they don't think it is relevant to their audience. Most of the time, putting off using Facebook to generate more business is nothing more than a fear of how to use the social media platform.

The fact is, you can't afford to ignore Facebook marketing any longer. By not using Facebook to promote your product or service, you are missing out on thousands of potential customer views per day. Those views have the potential to turn into sales, which means you could lose thousands of dollar in profits.

FBInfluence could be your new secret weapon for perfecting social media marketing. If you have been hesitant about venturing into the world of short posts to promote your company, then this program is for you. Don't fall into the gap that keeps growing bigger between those who use Facebook and those who don't. The program covers core strategies developed by Andrea Vahl, whom many consider to be the premier authority on how to use Facebook and other social media.

By using this program, you can start creating a flood of leads for your company in virtually no time. Position yourself as a leader in your industry and begin attracting prospects who actually want to do business with you. It's time to stop making excuses and let Facebook do the work for you.

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It Pays To Use The Best Content Marketing Software

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When it comes to marketing your business, it definitely pays to make use of the best and most up to date content marketing software. The tactics that come together to form the modern business strategy of automated content marketing are based on real results achieved on the battlefield of Google search rankings, not in some crackpot's private lab.

Development Through Real Life Trial And Error

Developing content marketing software is an activity that takes time, patience, and a great deal of research. There's only one effective way to really learn if a project is successful, and that is by testing it in the marketplace. The techniques that comprise the modern strategy of automated content marketing have been codified by painstaking research and fine tuned by a considerable amount of real life trial and error.

Real Time Solutions For Your Modern Business

The basic strategy that underlies all modern automated content marketing techniques is to get your website ranked as near to the top of a major search engine result as possible. This is the be all/end all of content marketing software. This is why we have labored long and hard to produce the best possible software, backed up by the most thorough real time research. By increasing your visibility on the Web, we help you to increase the ultimate productivity and profitability of your business.

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WP Courseware Makes Easy Work of Creating Online Courses

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Over the last decade, online learning has become a viable way to gain knowledge, acquire accreditation or learn a new skill. You may easily impart your knowledge in a physical setting, but when it comes to setting up courses, modules, lessons, quizzes and surveys, you usually struggle for hours on your own.

Fly Plugins has taken the difficulty out of the setting up your organization's online courses with WP Courseware. This manufacturer of plugins to use on the Word Press platform claims that building and selling online courses is as easy as drag and drop. With the number of features that come with this software, that appears to be the case. The tools contained within this software package will make easy work of your content marketing plan.

Do you think it will only take you hours instead of days to set up your online courses? With the inherent functionality of WP Courseware, you'll be able to create elements in minutes. Thanks to the drag and drop feature, you can easily arrange course outlines using built-in shortcodes or widgets. Developing your online courses with WordPress has never been easier because other features, such as automatic enrollment means you don't have to have someone constantly monitoring incoming students.

What's more, you can easily embed media, an essential for any online course. This software package even has drip feed functionality so you have complete control over course content. Save your valuable time and invest in this software today.

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WordPress IDX Transforms Everyday Pages Into Pages That Gain Attention

WordPress IDX Transforms Everyday Pages Into Pages That Gain Attention

The vast majority of WordPress users do not understand the intricacies of coded blog creation evolution, nor should they. These people are hard at work trying to navigate the incredibly diverse and profitable universe of blog creation for business promotion. The inception of WordPress IDX however, is one evolution that presents undeniably positive additions to the average business owner's online content marketing plan efforts.

Every content marketing plan should not only put all aspects of a business's goals to the forefront, but should also deliver it in a way that savvy internet consumers will take notice. Ground level WP use provides ways to blog, advertise, and promote services and products. IDX provides a way for business owners to take their everyday online output into the greatest reaches of online searching. Every business owner would like to balance hundreds of thousands of search results instead of minimal numbers. IDX has proven its efficacy at garnering bigger-than-normal consumer exposure and interest.

There is a huge pool of business owners discovering the potential of online marketing entering the online business realm. WordPress provides a way to create attractive and unique sales pages that attract an expanded consumer following. The evolution of WordPress pages to WordPress IDX allows business owners to funnel their online activity into specific niches.

Any blog, business page, and sales tools that allow owners to get a feel for the consumer public, has a special place in the world of online marketing. The newest generation of IDX opens a brand new path to creating blog, sales, and marketing pages that will catch the attention of experienced online shoppers. The world of WordPress offers many ways for advanced online content marketing plan creators to reach exposure goals in ways they've only dreamed about.

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Is Pretty Link the Perfect Key to Easy Link Management?

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If you're a blogger, Internet marketer, or just someone wanting to propel your business forward with the help of the internet, you might be interested in what I learned when I read about something called Pretty Link. And, in the event that you're an affiliate marketer, like me, you're going to be extremely interested. I know that I was because this thing is a WordPress affiliate link cloaker that really seems to work.

Pretty Link seemed like something that I might need for my website, so I read further to see what it might be capable of doing for me. I wasn't getting the traffic that I really needed to get my site over the hump and into profitability. After all, that's the name of the game, right? And, I was sorely in need of something to help me with automated content marketing.

A few of the things that I found out by reading the Pretty Link article were that it can make easy work out of cloaking links, redirecting links, and shortening links, as well as automating how you're sharing them. This could work well for my website and perhaps for yours as well. You should check out their affiliate marketing plan, too.

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The Online Course “LinkedInfluence” for LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

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You can easily get lost in the traffic on the World Wide Web if you do not use special techniques for social media marketing. The online course “LinkedInfluence” could provide you with useful information that would help you to maximize your options with a LinkedIn account. You can learn about the different methods to use for attracting customers, participating in business networks and for enhancing your profile for employers.


The course has six modules that are used to cover the fundamental information about the marketing strategies. You can learn about the techniques for choosing important keywords that should be included on your profile. When you optimize the information on your profile, you can expose yourself to more opportunities for attracting new customers and business professionals. Your enhanced profile can also attract potential employers who are searching for qualified candidates to fill important positions.


Five bonuses are included with the online course. The “LinkedIn Messaging Scripts” and “Done For You Cliff Notes” can be used to plan your strategies. You will have lifetime access to the course and free upgrades. The e-book “Twixplode” by Sean Malarkey is included at no additional cost. There is a course accountability program and a money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. You can review the information and learn to use a LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B.

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