How To Post To Instagram Weekly With Examples

How To Post To Instagram Weekly With Examples

People love to share photographs, especially mothers with their newborn babies. Instagram allows people to discuss important elements of their lives, develop new ideas and learn about better ways of doing things. Here is how to post to Instagram weekly.

Share Instagram Photographs

Since 2010, Instagram has been a popular photo-sharing app. Unlike Facebook (which might be more for youth) or Twitter (which caters to those wanting instant gratification), Instagram might be more aimed at mothers who want to share photographs and ideas in their spare time. This open network uses “flattering filters” to allow you optimize your photographs. Besides photographs, you can share your recipes, handicrafts and videos, you name it. Instagram is easy-to-use and has garnered a loyal fan base of 500 million active users. In fact, over its entire history, users have shared more than 40 billion photographs. This amounts to an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.

Instagram Parameters

Users can share everything about their lives on their Instagram blog posts. You might want to share baby tips with other mothers or home improvement tips with other carpenters. Perhaps, you want advise on a great vacation destination. Instagram gives people a website for sharing their lives. It is important that users follow certain guidelines when they schedule posts and manage social profiles. Here are Instagram limitations on characters, likes and photographs:

  • Username max of 30 characters
  • Instagram bio max of 150 characters
  • Followers maxed at 7,500 people
  • “Follow” 20 people per hour
  • “Follow” unlimited number of people
  • “Likes” of 350 per hour maximum to prevent spam
  • Review last 300 “Likes”
  • Each post allows maximum of 30 hashtags
  • Comments max of 2,200 characters
  • No photograph limit

Business Instagram Usage

Because of the popularity of Instagram, businesses will also be likely to use this Social Media network. An Instagram marketing campaign is a great way for small businesses to test out their products or services. They can share some photographs with friends and followers and then gauge their response. This social media marketing medium will increase brand recognition. An estimated 48.8% of US brands use Instagram, according to eMarketer. The top global brands will tend to post 4.9 times per week on Instagram, according to Forrester. According to Instagram Advertiser, 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, 60% learned about a product or service and 75% took action based on an Instagram post. Businesses like Instagram because it has a higher emotional appeal. For example, posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement, according to Simply Measured. Hootsuite has said that Instagram engagement rate is 4.21% per follower, which is better than Facebook and Twitter.

How to Post to Instagram Weekly with Examples

In order to build up brand recognition, you will need to keep your product or service uppermost in the minds of consumers. There are many ways to do this, including having recurring themes for each day. For example, every Monday could be babies. Tuesday, might be kittens. How about Wednesday “selfies?” One challenge is that Instagram only has “one live link, found in the biography.” How can you drive conversions and collect emails, using this format? A useful app for building marketing campaigns on Instagram is ShortStack. You can use visibility settings to schedule posts. Your Instagram marketing campaign must use the same title to create cohesion. Here are the steps to creating a successful Instagram marketing campaign:

  1. Determine what you want to post (i.e. topic, photographs et. cetra).
  2. Create hashtags and links on your post for people to click.
  3. Post on Instagram and convert with clickable links.
  4. Measure performance.

Instagram Posts Ideas

So, now that you have the parameters for how to post on Instagram, what are some examples of solid content? You will need to emphasize high quality content that elicits an emotional response. Here are four Instagram posts ideas:

Campaign #1 is Planning Your Vacation

Business Marketing: #Travel

With Instagram, you can feel like you are traveling to destinations around the world. You could use beautiful photographs and videos to promote a different place weekly. You could tie in airline and hotels, along with their exclusive sales and offers.

Campaign #2 is Weekly Meal Schedule

Business Marketing: Selling home #kitchen ware and appliances

Many wives use Instagram to share ideas. You could promote your kitchen merchandise with recipes of the week. Use a food photograph, food pyramid infographic or “stop motion” video. Link to a food cable show.

Campaign #3 is Dog Webcam

Business Marketing: #Dog accessories

How many people treat their dogs as members of the family? Modern technology allows you to share your dog’s daily events online. Just set up the camera and go. Is pet Social Media marketing, the wave of the future?

Campaign #4 is Cute Baby Photographs

Business Marketing: #CuteBaby

If you wanna sell baby food, soap or clothes, then get your own spokes baby. This is wonderful. You can upload photographs and multimedia with the best toddlers around. Have some fun to elicit emotional responses. Great things to post on Instagram.

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