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Social Media Marketing for Startups versus Fortune 500 Companies

Social Media Marketing for Startups versus Fortune 500 Companies

Social media marketing is essential for all businesses whether they are just starting up or they have several years of success as a Fortune 500 Company. Still, as polar opposites they have a different online marketing strategy to advertise their products.

How Large Companies Work With Social Media

As a startup, you can look into some of the ways larger companies work with social media. They find a lot of success being active on Twitter. Customers can read small blurbs about the company amidst the rest of the users they follow. You could say the same about Facebook but in a smaller scale. Facebook would work better for a startup as a content marketing strategy since it has fewer customers who might want detailed information on the company.

LinkedIn has become a must for all businesses and even freelancers. You can use it to connect with other companies and find potential employees. Since most companies no matter how big are expected to be on LinkedIn, this is your chance to connect with bigger businesses and find the potential to work with them or to gather information about their success.

Social Media For Startups and Established Small Businesses

Using social media is more important to startup companies and small businesses. People need to know about your company and spread the word so you can create a larger clientele. However, you must be more active and precise on social media since you will have more followers who pay more attention to your page on social media than those of a Fortune 500 company. Most social media followers of a small company are from the local area, past customers, stock holders, and other companies in which you do business. This gives you the ability to make social media a big part of marketing your business. People are more likely to share your posts with others on their page and word spreads about your business.

A blog is a content marketing system that can connect social media accounts; and is a platform that is more beneficial to a startup than a bigger company. Blogs give you a chance to not only show off your knowledge of the business but it can start a conversation with clients through post replies. Customers read the blog, ask questions, and comment. Blog posts can also be shared through other social media outlets.

Social media is an added bonus for Fortune 500 companies but as a startup it is a big part of business. Word will spread faster about your company if you use social media. You need to use as many social media outlets as possible and see which one your customers like the most. I have received a lot of his success through social media and can help you do the same thing.

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