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Who Has Time To Use A Content Marketing Plan for Blogging and Social Media

Who Has Time For Social Media and Using A Content Marketing Plan

How many different tasks do you need to perform every day for your business? Business ownership is a full-time occupation and can be difficult. That is why many business owners are hiring professionals to create a vibrant content marketing plan.

You have a core competency. You might be very good at manufacturing a product or providing a service. Unfortunately, social media marketing can be difficult to accomplish, if you don't have the expertise.

You might outsource plenty of business functions: accounting, IT and legal. By hiring a professional, such as myself to create a content plan for social media, you can focus on your core competency. You can get your brand noticed while completing your other important tasks.

I, Darren Tunstall, with the Marketing Media Planner Blog, can provide you with rich blogging content that keeps your website relevant. Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing ensures that you are listed highly on the search pages. With a high Google Page Rank, you get noticed.

I know what the search engines look for and the norms for social media – Twitter and Facebook. You tell me what you want and I can write the content to attract website visitors.

A successful content marketing plan gives you superior blogging content. This can appeal to present and potential customers. Hire me, the Marketing Media Planner, Darren Tunstall, to provide you with an agile, robust and successful online marketing plan.

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The Queen’s Not Dead – She’s In Control of Your Content Marketing

The Queen’s Not Dead – She’s In Control of Your Content Marketing

So content is King, right?  Absolutely, but the Queen is in control.  I just read an article on this very subject by KioMedia, a strategic automated content marketing software system.  Since 2008, I've always said online marketing, using blogging and social media should be relevant, consistent, and done overtime.  Content marketing is not a quick fix!  We're talking about authority.  And, there is two types of authority that you should be working towards:

  • Subject-matter Authority – Are you an expert at what you do?  Basically, what this means is anytime people think of “your type of service,” then you want them to think of you.  So, for example, if you are a personal trainer for health and fitness, then you should be well-fit and in good shape, and walk the talk. This way people can just look at you and say, “I want to be like that.” Also, put out videos, articles, press releases, write a book, hold workshops, etc.  Show your results.  This way, anytime, anybody thinks or searches for personal training, then you want them to think of/find you.
  • Technical Authority – Technical authority is how the search engines view you online.  One blog post is not going to do it.  10 blog post won't be enough either.  Consistent, relevant and unique content over time using articles, blog posts, videos, press releases, presentations, etc. is what will make a difference.  When the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) see this regularly, they take notice.  And, eventually start to push you up the search engine results pages (SERP).

So back to content is king (as stated by Bill Gates in 1996); you need to be doing it.  If you find that you have no time, or lack the knowledge in doing it correctly, then consider KioMedia.com.  This system will keep on track with building your presence online.  Now, your Queen is allowing you to take part in your Kingship.

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